Sunday, September 5, 2010

Use Your Cellphone as a Handheld Scanner

One of the revolutionary features of modern cell phones is their ability to, among dozens of other things, replace scanners. This is done by using the digital camera feature that comes standard on most cellphones. However, until now a puny cellphone camera couldn't replace a scanner due to several factors, mainly:

  •  lack of effective flash
  •  low resolution

With 5-megapixel models coming onto the market, in addition to xenon flash, the scanner is history. The long awaited hand-held scanner is no longer a necessity. Just snap a picture of the document in question using the cellphone camera, and add it to your digital archive.

It goes without saying that stopping by the photocopier machine is also no longer a necessity, pages from a book or stack of documents that need to be revisited can simply be digitally photographed using a cellphone.

Scraps of paper with notes on them can also be simply photographed and uploaded.

Of course, you can always review the scraps of paper using the generous display on your high-end but affordable cellphone.

The only issue remaining is battery-power - using flash and leafing through pictures on your phone is going to be a serious drain.

This is a great tool for a digital nomad, and reduces the amount of paperwork that she or he must carry around to a minimum.

Questions for discussion

  1. Which phones offer great resolution and adequate flash for your document scanning needs?
  2. How can adequate battery power and life be ensured?


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