Monday, September 13, 2010

Solution: Persistent Enabled Issue for Maverick Meerkat 10.10

Fixing the persistent enabled (USB) issue when installing the new Ubuntu release from a USB stick.

The Problem

Maverick Meerkat Beta requires a non-persisent USB drive to install from. This means that when creating the disk, we must select "Discarded on Shutdown, unless you save the elsewhere", instead of "stored in reserved extra space" at the bottom of the window of the Make Startup Disk application. However, the former option is greyed out when we try to do this:

To remedy this,

  1. run Startup disk creator from the System/Administration Menu.
  2. close Startup disk creator.
  3. find the CD image file (probably in your downloads folder). Move it somewhere else (say the desktop):
  4. d) Now, open the "Make Startup Disk Creator". Select disk with free space as the disk to use (usually the second one). Click the "other" button and select your downloaded iso disk file from the desktop. Make sure that "discarded on shutdown" is selected. Click "Make Startup Disk".
  5. The problem is now solved, and you can restart your computer an continue on to install Ubuntu Linux Maverick Meerkat Beta.


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