Monday, September 13, 2010

Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat Beta 10.10 Review

As promised, the new open-source operating system Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat is set to wow. I took the newly released beta version for a test-drive today. Screenshots below.


After some fidgeting with the USB installer, installation was a breeze. It takes a matter of minutes, and then you're already online and back to work! An advanced partition manager allows you to keep your prior installation of whatever you have intact, including with all of your old files. It automatically detected all of the hardware on my machine, although it didn't even prompt me to. It simply works.


The somewhat reworked user interface is great. The music player is neatly integrated into the taskbar. In fact, everything that I use on a daily basis is integrated into the taskbar: all of my IM accounts seamlessly managed through the new client Empathy, a multi-time zone date and time display (Windows does not have this), the current weather for the city I'm in, all social networking and email in one stop, and a music control panel. This is the best interface I've seem, ever!

Social Networking

You've got one control panel for your Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Buzz, and many more.

Look and Feel

Not only is the interface the most practical on the market, it is a work of art. The default color scheme hardly needs changed. The terminal has a translucent purple background. The system just looks good and is a pleasure to work on.


No Turning Back

With this new release, there will be no reason to work on Windows anymore. Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat does everything, and better.


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